Delorean Corporation

About Us

Delorean Corporation Limited is a pioneering Australian bioenergy company specialising in the design, build, ownership and management of bioenergy infrastructure and associated power generation and retail. Delorean Corporation comprises a group of four vertically-integrated companies working together to deliver each stage of the bioenergy generation process.

The Delorean Corporation group began with Biogass Renewables which builds bioenergy plants in Australia and New Zealand.

The business then established Cleantech Energy to retail energy for its completed projects with retail licenses both in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and the National Electric Market (NEM) Completing the group, infrastructure developer Delorean Energy and fabricator Tekpro were established, and in 2019 all four were merged under Delorean Corporation, a vertically-integrated renewable energy generation and retail company, as it is today.

Now, Delorean Corporation, has the inhouse capability to deliver bioenergy projects across the full lifecycle, from project conception to completion, processing organic waste, generating renewable energy and monetisation of electricity, heat and gas.

Our Mission

Vision Statement

To be recognised as Australia and New Zealand’s leading emerging renewable energy generator and retailer, led by its fast-growing bioenergy infrastructure footprint.

Mission Statement

To build, own and operate the largest portfolio of commercially-successful renewable energy infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand, measured by value of developed assets and quantity of renewable electricity, heat and renewable gas produced.

The Process

Bioenergy is an organic process whereby biomass products are converted for use as distributable electricity, gas, liquid fuels, heat and bio-based products.

Step 1


  • agriculture;
  • organic municipal waste;
  • waste water;
  • industrial waste; and
  • animal residues.
Step 2


  • anaerobic digestion
Step 3


  • heat;
  • fuel gas;
  • biogas;
  • renewable energy;
  • biofertiliser;
  • biomethane;
  • carbon dioxide; and
  • hydrogen.
Step 4


  • electricity;
  • heat;
  • renewable energy; and
  • transportation fuel.
Renewable Energy

Australia’s Bioenergy Landscape

Bioenergy in Australia is an emerging sector and represents an exciting opportunity for the energy market. Australia’s evolving environmental policy in waste processing and a push for renewable energy in creating opportunities for early movers in the bioenergy sector is a driving force behind Delorean Corporation.

Delorean Corporation recognises that Australia is at the very beginning of the growth curve in deployment and operation of renewable bioenergy assets in Australia and New Zealand. While integrated renewable energy ‘gentailers’ are established in Australia and New Zealand, Delorean is the only identified vertically-integrated gentailer focused on anaerobic digestion bioenergy facilities which can deliver projects end-to-end and ‘in-house’ through the infrastructure development, construction, operation and energy retail.

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